Why We Support Stacey

We support Stacey Abrams because of her lifetime of public service, bold entrepreneurial spirit, and committed progressive leadership. As the leading Democrat in Georgia, serving as the former House Minority Leader, Stacey has been a champion for education, equality, prosperity, and bringing more voters to the polls.

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Stacey Abrams is:

Progressive. Throughout her career, Stacey Abrams has advocated for a fiercely progressive agenda. She has fought against so-called “religious liberty” laws to preserve and expand women’s reproductive rights and for LGBT equality. Stacey’s platform includes plans to expand pre-kindergarten programs and make technical college education free. She promises to bring a bold and ambitious approach to state government that will fortify the state economy.

A Strong Leader. She believes that equality and prosperity do not have to be mutually exclusive—that everyone deserves to thrive, not just survive. She mentors new leadership in the state, and offers us integrity, decency, courage, and proven leadership at a critical time for Georgia and the nation.

A Gamechanger. She can turn the swing state of Georgia blue. Recognizing the thousands of eligible unregistered people of color in her state, Stacey founded the New Georgia Project, which registered 200,000 voters in 2016 and helped get them to the polls.